Now We Ascend, The New Studio Album From Sublunar Minds To Be Released August 21, 2015

Thanks for checking out the online EPK of Sublunar Minds!  We are a NYC-based funk rock band, delighting the ears of East Coasters near and far for over 9 years.  We specialize in catchy originals, riotous bluesy harmonica, funky horns, and thumping grooves guaranteed to get the crowd up on its feet.  Part party band, part groove machine, part jazz and blues hounds, we aim to entertain every minute on the stage.

We are now releasing our third studio, Now We Ascend.  Combining funky grooves with sprechstimme, jazzy horns, and lyrics that draw on everything from The Naked Gun to Umberto Eco, these six cuts capture the energy, excitement, and humor of the band’s sold-out city shows. 

After 9 years as NYC’s favorite least known party band, Now We Ascend pairs the group’s avant-funk with multi-platinum producers behind classic Gladys Knight and Patti Smith.  Sublunar Minds is launching our first national tour in fall 2015 to support the release. 

It’s fun, it’s funky, and above all it’s catchy.

With a sound inspired by the likes of Prince, Talking Heads, Cake, Dave Matthews, Al Green, and others, we spread our message nightly: grooves and good times for all!

Check out the videos below for more of a taste of the band in action, including music videos from the studio recordings of Now We Ascend, as well as live footage.  Stream the tracks from the new album (pre-release) at Soundcloud and look forward to the broad release on August 21, 2015!

You can also find us elsewhere online at, on iTunes, Spotify, and pretty much everywhere else online you care to look!   
A few words from the press

“Refreshingly original, exciting, and soulful” - AM NEW YORK

“A bouncing beauty from a New York four piece who sound like they're having a much fun as a pig in a sewage plant.” 
  - Winston’s Zen

"...Intelligent lyrics combined with a variety of musical tracks make their music fun and interesting to listen to, and I have not found a bad track yet. That qualifies them to claim music that is orbiting above us all...This is a band that defies any categorization other than "talented" and good". “  - Razi’s Music

Videos: Songs From "Now We Ascend"